2020 Winter Newsletter

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Welcome New Volunteers

John Arettines
Mary Jane Bartholomew
Randolph DiMartino
Edward Doerrbecker
Loretta Doolan
Joseph Droual
Donald Fischer
Anita Flugman
Andrew Gargiulo
Laura Haggerty
Michael Hartigan
Maria Hernandez
Adina Hill
Frances Hoffner
Richard Iannucci
Marie Jean-Francois
Cornelius Keeffe
Ellen Kresic
Nancy Lockwood
Mei-Ling Louie
Ellen Moran
Evelyn Morano
Mary Nasta
Jeff Nichols
Karen O’Donnell
Karen Posey
Lea Quint
Sandy Salvaggio
Michael Schaeffer
Linda Shaw
Francine Sohl
Richard Stecker
Jean Tesoriero
Frank Thumhart
Antoinette Trotter
Merle Walker
John Wayne
Huihua Yu
"Real strength has to do with helping others." Fred Rogers

Sending get well wishes to two of our wonderful Telephone Reassurance volunteers – Cathy Meade and Toby Wiles. We hope you’ll be feeling better real soon and back making morning phone calls to the many homebound seniors who look forward to hearing your friendly voices!

And a warm welcome back to Maureen Darress and Gert Kelleher. You were missed!

Letters, we get letters ………………

“The handmade blankets and twiddlemuffs were a hit! Our residents love them, and it was so kind of your volunteers to take the time to make them. Thank you again.” ~~ Doreen Ottaiano, Director of Therapeutic Recreation, Huntington Hills Center for Health & Rehabilitation

“Thank you for the meaningful pin honoring my 15- year involvement with the America Reads program. Without my introduction to your program, I might not have experienced rewarding, enjoyable years with Diana Daniels, a teacher at Susan Wiley Elementary School in Copiague. Your staff at RSVP has been supportive, grateful and, on all occasions, pleasant and interested in my involvement. You are doing a superb job of helping worthwhile, needed community efforts!” ~~ Sincerely, Gladys Masucci

“As supervisor for the Children’s Mobile Integration Team (MIT), I would like to take this opportunity to thank your agency, and in particular Mr. Bob Bozzone, for years of generously donating computers and technical support to our clients and their families. The impact of your generosity cannot be overstated.” ~~ Carol Assenza, LCSW-R, Supervisor, Children’s Mobile Integration Team, Sagamore Children’s Psychiatric Center


Many of our RSVP volunteers are Medicare beneficiaries who receive their healthcare benefits through Medicare Advantage Plans (MAPS). A report by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) found that Medicare Advantage Plans have “widespread and persistent problems related to denials of care and payment.” The report also found that 75% of cases were denied by the plan’s administrators. Unfortunately, most of these denials are not appealed. The HHS report found that only 1 in 100 rejections were appealed in the years from 2014 through 2016.

If you are denied a service you think should be covered, or you have any quality of care complaint, call the plan and request instructions on how to file a claim. The RSVP HIICAP Helpline at 631-979-9490 ext. 18 may be able to help you if the plan will not!