Spring 2011 Newsletter

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flowers Spring flowers

April, 2011

Dear Volunteers and Friends,

Well I think we have spring just around the corner!  We seemed to have had a few false starts, but fortunately Mother Nature is finally giving us the season we hoped for after what seemed like a long and cold winter. 

I do hope you enjoy this issue of RSVP’s newsletter and invite all readers with stories to share about their volunteer experiences to write about them and submit the articles for publishing in a subsequent issue.  Oft times, as a result of the many RSVP placements for civic-minded adults, other volunteers are unaware of the good works or thoughts experienced by a volunteer at a different site.  I invite photos of RSVP volunteers “in action,” so we can also publicize and celebrate their generosity of spirit.  This newsletter is yours as a “sharing forum,” so please choose to take us up on the invitation.  These articles, photos and letters will also serve as a way of “getting the word out” to others interested in community service.

Speaking of getting the word out – we are weeks away from having RSVP premier on Facebook.  It will not only move the agency into the social media forum but be a timely way for making announcements, relaying funding alerts and getting news out on community events to our many volunteers who access the internet frequently. So look for us on Facebook!

Please continue to be aware of the budget cuts the State and Federal governments are proposing that negatively impact the operation and freeprograms offered by RSVP Suffolk for 39 years.  I thank those partnering organizations and volunteers who have let their elected officials know how cost-effective RSVP is.  We’ll continue to keep you informed of funding developments.

Thanks for all your service! It has been estimated that we all have about 25,000 days on this good earth.  So make sure to get out and smell the spring flowers!


Pegi Orsino
Executive Director