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Spring 2012 Newsletter


April, 2012

Dear Volunteers and Friends,

Happy Spring! April 16 th through April 20 th celebrates National Volunteer Week. This newsletter is dedicated to our energized and enthusiastic volunteers who tirelessly commit themselves to community service throughout the year. At RSVP, we are all invested in actively providing new ways for individuals to exercise all of their assets –skills, time, talents and voice to meeting the challenges of today’s world and on a local level, our own communities’ needs.

You, and those volunteers before you, have taken up that challenge over the past 40 years of RSVP programs in Suffolk County with a keen commitment to those partnering organizations - be it a soup kitchen, school or hospital. Whether answering a phone, serving a meal, running a wellness class or helping a child, you have been selfless in the giving of your spirit and skills to strengthen the programs that serve our neighbors.

Volunteering has a long and proud history in America. Our roots in service extend back to the first pioneers when the colonists had to band together to survive and adjust to a new land. From the formation of the first volunteer firefighter unit in 1736 to the Civil War and formation of the Ladies Aid Societies to meet the needs of the soldiers, the rest as they say, is “History” and a shining example of people helping people and thus helping themselves. You are among a fine vast corps of unsung heroes, and we thank you for all your hard work!

Enjoy the warm weather, and please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call the office should you have a concern or great idea to share with us!


Pegi Orsino
Executive Director