2018 Summer Newsletter

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Thoughts From the Executive Director

Dear Volunteers,

Summer has arrived!!

Yes folks, finally we can get the sunscreen out and put the rain coats away! RSVP has survived another Long Island Winter, which extended itself this year, and I thank all the volunteers who trudged thru snow, sleet and rain to get to their volunteer sites. I know the stations really appreciated it so they can continue their services and mission during the inclement weather.

We are very excited here at RSVP to take on a critical need in Suffolk County for elders -- those older adults who have no one to oversee their quality of life and have been deemed by the Courts as being in need of guardianship. The newly-formed Guardian Corps will be sponsored by RSVP, but those volunteers interested in joining this opportunity will be “case monitors” and not guardians. They will be the “surrogate family member” who visits (with another volunteer) these seniors in their residence 2x’s a month and checks to see that they are either caring for themselves or that the facility they are in is being attentive to their needs. The volunteer will write a short report to the staff at Guardian Corps and refer any problems they have observed. They will be given extensive training and guidance as to the task of ensuring another’s quality of life needs. Talk about making a difference in a person’s life! If you would like to learn more about this project as it’s developed, please call me directly at ext. 11.

See you at Tribute Day! Make sure your hours of service are being sent in so you can join us for fun, food and raffles!

Oh, and go outside and get some Vitamin D!

Pegi Orsino
Executive Director

This May Be A Great Volunteer Opportunity For You!

Have you ever looked out for others or been a caregiver for a loved one or neighbor? Do you enjoy this type of caring for others? If so, Guardian Corps may be for you!

Formed to serve a critical need in our County, Guardian Corps, under the direction of RSVP Board Member, Bob Heppenheimer, seeks to provide support, monitoring and advocacy services to the less fortunate in Suffolk who are declared incompetent by the Court, but have no one willing or able to serve as a Guardian. Partnering with RSVP, we are looking for volunteers to serve with the Agency to help us achieve our mission of looking out for those in our Community who are unable to do so for themselves. The Agency itself is the Guardian, responsible for all of the accountability and Court reporting, but the volunteers are essential to act as “boots on the ground” to visit and support our Clients.

All volunteers will receive initial and on-going training to help them in their role working with assigned clients. Under the direction of, and with the support of Staff, RSVP volunteers will be expected to make regular visits to clients and report back to the Agency regarding the welfare and status of their client. Acting as a friend or surrogate family, volunteers are expected to be the eyes and ears of the Agency in ensuring that our clients are safe and enjoying the highest practicable level of independence and quality of life. Visits may take place in nursing homes, assisted living facilities or in a community setting.

For more information, call Pegi Orsino at 631-979-9490, ext. 11.

“At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished… it’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.”
~~Denzel Washington ~~