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Summer 2011 Newsletter

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Summer, 2011

Dear Volunteers and Friends,

We are in those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer as this newsletter goes to print, and first I wanted to thank those volunteers who continue to graciously give of their time and spirit even when the temperatures soar!  Community needs don’t go away when summer vacation arrives; so thanks all of you who are out in your neighborhoods helping.

On Long Island, the economic recovery is happening much slower than in other parts of the nation, and RSVP continues to earnestly look to fill the funding gaps left by slashed state and federal budgets.  If you haven’t yet given to our annual appeal, please consider making a small contribution, either through our website ( or in the mail.  If you have, thanks so very much!

I would like to introduce you to a wonderful new program that RSVP is collaborating with the Suffolk County Library System in launching.  It’s called Music and Memories – a unique music program that uses individualized playlists on an iPod for nursing home/assisted living residents with dementia.  Instead of general music played over loud speakers at facilities, it’s been found that personalized music, delivered through an iPod, stimulates memories, encourages non-verbal patients to sing out loud, and even decreases the need for pain medication in some patients.

If you have ever been to a nursing facility, you know the long line of wheelchairs that are parked in the hallways and by the nursing stations.  The addition of iPods to the residents’ day can fill their endless hours of tedium with music, enjoyment and a level of peacefulness.  RSVP offices will be acting as donation centers for your used iPods so we can begin to bring in some melodies while improving the daily quality of life for dementia patients.  As the program develops, RSVP will be reaching out for volunteers to assist in personalizing playlists for residents and training facility staff in operating iPods.  RSVP Suffolk is excited to be on the ground floor of this project as it takes off, with your help!

Stay cool, wear your sunscreen, and I’ll see you at Tribute Day!


Pegi Orsino
Executive Director