2019 Winter Newsletter

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Welcome to Our Newest RSVP Volunteers

Mary Carter
Anna Chung
Grace DiMartino
William Ellis
Howard Gallin
Vicki Gold
Frances Groben
Mike Hampton
Victoria Hughes
Carole Huston
Nancy Johnson
Goldie Joseph
Judy Lewis
Jessica Ley
Carol Lyden
Patricia Manos
Judith Migliorisi
Thomas Nolan
Lawrence Olsen
Lois Oringer
Alvin Posner
Shelley Posner
Lauren Pucillo
Lori Rego
Helen Reid
Elisa Reisig
Carol Ann Rios
Anna Rohring
Daniel Rohring
Salli Rosato
Theresa Rueb
Anthony Scott
Jane Scott
Kathleen Sheedy
Meela Sobinova
Sara Troiso
Richard Werner
Gerald Zicchinelli
“There could be no definition of a successful life that does not include service to others. Find something to do. Get off the bench. Don’t sit there whining, sucking your thumb, get in the game.” ~~ President George H. W. Bush “41”

Letters, we get letters ………………

“I cannot begin to thank all of you for the past six enlightening weeks that I spent being informed and re-educated on how to live with my RSD. After 16 years of being discouraged and in pain, I feel that I have a new perspective with what is and could have been worse.” ~~ Nancy A. (a Chronic Disease Self-Management Program workshop attendee)

“Thank you so much for your warm welcome to RSVP and for finding a position for me with Central Brookhaven Head Start. I absolutely love it. My coworkers are lovely and the environment is a happy one. I have been made to feel very appreciated.” ~~ Sincerely, Mary C.

“There is no way to adequately thank you and the wonderful RSVP volunteers who created the “Twiddlemuffs” that you so kindly brought to Gurwin. As you know, our Therapeutic Recreation staff is excited and delighted to share these muffs with our residents. This wonderful donation is one that changes the landscape for those with dementia and other related issues, and we are deeply grateful to all those who made it possible.” ~~ Kathleen Donnelly, Director Of Volunteer Svcs.

“I’m a counselor at HempsteadWorks and wanted to let you know how much the computer your organization provided to my client is appreciated. This wonderful opportunity has opened up so many more chances for clients to obtain a good job, with reasonable pay and, hopefully, future growth.” ~~ Aurora Berman, Career Development Counselor

Our thanks to RSVP’s Community Computer Connection volunteers Joe Lamagna and Bob Bozzone who recently delivered six refurbished desktop computers to Ryhan’s Center of Hope. A shout out also to Stan Jurgielewicz, who, along with service project students at St. John’s University, refurbished 41 computers in 2018. Stan made all the deliveries in the Mobile Computer Vehicle, aka – his Toyota Prius! CCCP is always in need of volunteers, not only to refurbish donated computers, but also to deliver them to clients who have no way of picking them up. For more information, email to cccp.office@gmail.com.

And another “shout out” to RSVP volunteer Lou Snydstrup. Since his placement at Mercy Haven in 2017, Lou has gone above and beyond in support of their program. Erin O’Connor, the Administrator of the Community Residence says that Lou has been “a blessing and a wonderful person to have around. He is positive and hardworking, works great with the residents, and is very sincere in his caring for Mercy Haven.” Thank you Lou!

Carecab is a service that provides a transportation alternative with the caregiver in mind. This service is available nationwide, allowing a caregiver access to the Uber and Lyft transportation systems, with pick-up and drop-off location notifications via text or email. You will know your family member is being taken to appointments or any location on a moment’s notice and will provide peace of mind for the caregiver and cared-for alike. For more information, visit the Caregiver Resource Network at www.thecrn.org