2019 Winter Newsletter

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Tribute Day 2018

On September 12th, over 300 RSVP volunteers and guests attended RSVP’s 46th Annual Tribute Day. The event took place at Villa Lombardi’s in Holbrook and began with an exhibition by 30 organizations and businesses providing information of value and interest to the senior population. At noon, everyone enjoyed a delicious luncheon, along with music, dancing and raffles. A highlight of the day was the announcement of the 2018 Volunteer of the Year which, for the first time, was presented to a couple – Fred and Eloise Husch. We hope those of you who attended had a great time. Tribute Day is RSVP’s way of saying thank you to all our volunteers for the many hours of service they give each year to enhance the lives of the people of Suffolk County.

Enjoy the photos and mark your calendars for Tribute Day 2019 which will take place on Tuesday, September 10th at Villa Lombardi’s. It’s sure to be a great time for all!