2021 Summer/Fall Newsletter

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Maryflorence Brennan

Dear RSVP Volunteer,

What makes RSVP Suffolk so special is that everyone here is so good to each other. The staff and volunteers are working very hard together to make sure that everything is going in the right direction. Every volunteer who walks into our office shares their ideas, experiences and passions to help make RSVP Suffolk the best place for seniors to volunteer. It is an unbelievable feeling to be around so much good and positive energy. When you call RSVP or walk through our door and say hello to Betty, you hear the kindness in her voice and feel like she cares about everything that has happened to you your whole life! Terri and Denise have always been caring for others! They make sure every single person they meet is doing well and if not, they are going to help. Every call that Maggie makes to her clients is always a caring and kind conversation that I know brings genuine comfort. Joan lights up our East End office with her kindness and dedication. Monica and Ursula embrace our many new challenges with a smile, always assuring me that all will be ok. Fran, Sage and Rich, our newest staff members, approach their new roles with wonderment, learning from those around them while presenting new ideas that are so helpful.

But what truly makes RSVP Suffolk so special is all of the volunteers that we have had over the last 49 years. All of you have given so much of yourselves to care for many people and to make our community a better place. A year ago, I was telling you how much I missed seeing you. I still miss seeing many of you, but I am unbelievably thankful and grateful that you have stepped up to support, care and help in any way that you could over this last year. We have been working very hard to provide you with more volunteer opportunities, and we feel so hopeful as many places are starting to open up. You have never stopped caring about RSVP or your community, and you have been so patient and kind as we find our way through the reopening. You are what makes RSVP so special, and I am forever thankful!

Thank you for all of your service and support. You are all truly amazing, and all of us at RSVP are so proud to work with you!


Maryflorence Brennan
Executive Director, RSVP Suffolk