2021 Summer/Fall Newsletter

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The RSVP staff and Board of Directors extend their thanks and gratitude to Cheryl and the late Richard Metrick and to Caryn and Barry Rudofsky & Family for their many years of service and support to the Community Computer Connections Program. Without their generous contributions of both time and financial support, this program would have ceased to exist. Thousands of needy families on Long Island would not have the essential technology of a computer. We are honored to share a photo of the award they will be receiving. This is just a very small token of our sincere thanks. Please visit and read a heartfelt essay written by Barry Rudofsky as well as an article about the Merrick’s written by CCCP founder Joel Becker on our website rsvpsuffolk.org


The past year and a half has been filled with so many ups and downs. Who would have thought that just being together and sharing good times would become a challenge! Therefore, we are saddened to inform everyone that for the health and safety of all the wonderful volunteers and participants who attend this annual event, we will be canceling Tribute Day 2021. But on a happier note, when the new year begins, remember to mark your 2022 calendars. Tribute Day 2022 will take place on Wednesday, September 14th at Villa Lombardi’s in Holbrook. This event will be a cause of great joy; not only will we all be together again, we will also be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the founding of RSVP Suffolk. Please know that we will not let this year go by without recognizing all of you volunteers who give of yourselves in so many ways each and every day. Plans are in the works to show our appreciation. Stay tuned in the coming months!


"I recently completed the Living Healthy Workshop on Zoom through my Northport Library. The RSVP volunteer presenting the workshop was Myrna. She made each topic interesting and informative. The hour just flew by, and I looked forward to each session. Thank you RSVP and Myrna for this most valuable presentation.” ~~Catherine B.

“What a pleasant surprise in today’s mail. The jar opener is a bonus for me and the scratch pad is always handy to have. I appreciated seeing my name in the Thank You Volunteers 2020 booklet. I really enjoy working in this group and hope to continue for many years to come.” ~~ RSVP Volunteer Rita S.